Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home again

I took my camera---can't believe I didn't take ANY pictures......oy vay!
I spent 4 days-- 4 glorious days with my dad....all to myself. We had such a good time together. He is getting around very well with his walker. We went out for walks everyday. We stopped to talk to a neighbor, she asked about his chemo--he said the dr. took him off because he was okay. I wish he were, but he's not. He didn't want me to leave yesterday, and I didn't want to go. I cried all the way to Westfield. I am so glad I went, there won't be any regrets, there will be 4 days to cherish.
On my way to my dad's, as I turned down his street, I heard a weird noise coming from the car. I pulled into his driveway-got out-there is was-a hissing tire that was nearly flat! Methinks someone was watching over me;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lately I've felt like Debbie Downer with what I've been posting. I see that so many other people are in similar situations with their parents. I'm grateful for birthdays...big reasons to celebrate. Friday was my mom's 83rd birthday. Paul and I took her out for dinner...lovely, then back to her place to open presents. We brought along a bottle of champagne to toast her 83rd year. We laughed as the bubbles went to our heads. Delightful evening.
Late this morning, I'm driving up to spend a few days with my dad while my aunt and uncle go on a much needed vacation. I am so looking forward to having him all to myself. Go out for walks, take a drive or two out in the country or just sit outside on his patio and talk. Savoring each moment.....

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Found Misty napping in Paul's shirt, very unlike her as she usually goes in the cage.
Made another of copper piece.....spelled "loveliest" right this time. Made this one bigger for Paul. I really enjoy working with copper. I've got an idea percolating, hoping to put some in my etsy shop within the next few weeks.
Paul and I drove up to my dad's yesterday. He's getting around great with his walker, goes outside for walks, in very good humor. Last week, my aunt called to tell me the Dr. told him no more chemo, it won't prolong his life. The cancer is spreading. My dad is VERY hard of hearing, he told Paul and I that the Dr. took him off chemo, he is doing fine. hmmm....he either didn't hear what followed "we're taking you off chemo", or he doesn't want me to worry. My aunt is going out of town the week after next, so I am going up to spend a few days with him. Hoping to get him out for walks and drives and do some cooking and freezing so he'll have meals to heat up.
Today my mom calls to tell me she's not breathing well again. Oy. We are planning on taking her out to dinner on Friday, it's her 83rd birthday. The 19th is mine, I'll be 50! Holy mackerel, I can't get my mind around that....;) When there are people around you becoming ill and frail. It's a lot to take in. This season of life with my parents is making me question so much, evaluate what and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm sure this is part of the process, it's exhausting. Me thinks it's time for a glass of wine and a sappy movie to think about something else for a while!!