Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting Layers.....Online class with Misty Mawn

I could NOT wait to get started, especially after taking a fabulous workshop from her at VRAS.
This workshop has already exceeded my expectations. Misty is a wonderful teacher. There were 4 instructional videos ready to view first thing Saturday morning. Cup of coffee (or 2) in hand, I watched....over and over. Went into the studio and started the homework. I had the best time. The above is the first background I painted. Little touches of metallic here and there........
This background is actually 10" x 30". I really like the long narrow format....and it's just the beginning......
Using gel medium to transfer images and as a resist. A swiping of ink over the top.

......another background first attempt at painting a landscape

.....and my 2nd attempt, I like this one much better. One thing I am learning is that when you feel like giving up, you feel like your piece is keep going, take it further, try something new and different than what you are used to, you learn along the way and sometimes you discover something new that works for you and had you given in to your "critic", you would have totally missed it.
I have lots and lots of art books, books on thing that I know about myself is that I am a visual learner. This class is so great in that I can watch the videos over and over. Watch the subtleties and develop my own way of working.


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
Your paintings are gorgeous! I can tell you're having a blast with Misty.

misty said...

Hi Chris,
all of your backgrounds here are so wonderful... you are really doing a wonderful job and it sounds like you are having fun, least i hope you are. ;)

thanks so much for sharing your pages here. looking forward to seeing more of what you post.

happy thanksgiving!!!

joanne said...

love all of your backgrounds and what you say about new discoveries... it's so true... to stretch out of what is familiar and just try... you end up finding out more about yourself in the process...

kaz said...

Hope you get this. Live in the UK and really trying to find out if there are any DVD's available to purchase on layering techniques by Misty Mawn. I see you did an on line class but these are not available at the moment.

Thanks so much


Chris said...

Hi Karin, I don't believe that Misty has any DVD's available. You might try contacting her to see if she will offer the online class again. Here's her blog address:
She also has a book that just came out:
I hope that helps!