Friday, July 15, 2011

Middle of July already?!

3 wips--a triptych each on 12 x 12 cradled panels
cold wax and oil
Can't tell you how many layers of paint are on these.
Bizaar combinations that felt right at the time.
See them peaking through?
Found an excellent paint scraper at home depot,
I like it because you can push and pull it,
It plows through many layers at once with little effort.

Not sure where they will go next......

....but enjoying where they are now.....

Detail of a 24 x 16 wip
orange, several reds, the white you see is marble dust & cold wax
Love its translucency
Lots of potential for marble dust.

Hand built plaster bowl 14" 
yes, another wip.....
Indian red is sooo rich isn't it?  More marble dust and cold wax.
Scratching through to the plaster.

Though this looks like a woodcut, it's actually carved plaster on board.
Continuing on with my bowl series--2d & 3d
Finally finished something!
 July 1st, I saw one bleeding heart on the bush in my yard.
Only one.  
How odd for any to be blooming at this time.
I felt like it was just for me,
my heart is aching from the loss of my mother.
My aunt Karen drove 2 1/2 hours just to take me out for a belated birthday lunch.
We went to Watt's Tea Room.
It was just delightful.
Oogled the beautiful china and crystal in their store.
Strolled a bit downtown.
Just lovely.
She's the best!
Thanks for stopping by!


joanne said...

beautiful art, and yes, I love the Indian red bowl! gorgeous!

i think the bleeding heart bush did bloom just for you... for your tender, aching, loving heart... so often beauty blooms from the most painful of places... nowhere more clear than seeing the beautiful art you are creating.

jgr said...

I agree: The bloom was just for you, to ease your pain. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.