Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 This piece has been in the works for months and months.
Cold wax and oil on panel.  18 x 24
It's hanging in my teal bathroom.
The more I work with cold wax and oil the more versatility I find it has.  
I enjoy mixing dry pigments, charcoal, graphite, plaster, powdered marble
and I am just about to go scooping out ash from the fireplace.
The possibilities are endless.
During my hiatus from work, I plan to spend as much time painting as possible.

"Red Hots in my Dreamsicle"

Here are bowls that are drying, soon to be painted with cold wax & oil.

Encaustic medium, shellac, encaustic gesso and Panpastel
9 x 12 on panel
These as well as some bowls posted previously,
have been inspired by the river I grew up on.
Funny how I hadn't thought about that place in years 
and all of a sudden, memories came back and have become inspiration for art.


Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Chris,
So great to see you getting this much work in! Your new pieces have a lot of soul!

Chris said...

Thank you Ruth! Taking a couple of weeks off from work has given me time to work on art. Grateful for that!