Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pear #10

Sumi ink, gum arabic, acrylic paint on Arches Textwove 5x7

Sink art
Start with a piece of Arches Textwove
(a very forgiving paper, takes abuse)
make random marks with gum arabic
let dry completely
repeat with sumi ink
let dry just a couple of minutes
run paper under water
scrub away gum arabic with your finger
The sumi ink does something wonderful
it marbles
right there on your paper!
I tore a piece of the sink art paper
long with a piece of black paper
staggered them to make it look like
the pear is shadowed
a splash of red were added for a bit of punch
the stem and leaves were cut out
using a scissors
mounted on canvas board.

I like the contrast of black and white
with just a smidge of red

cool n'est pas?

We had a glorious week,
temps in the 60's 
the dingy snow piles
melted away
along with my cares
Last night
oh no!  It snowed!
Temps back just below 30
It's easy to get spoiled, isn't it?


jgr said...

Chris this is super cool! Thank you for the step by step I would LOVE to try it. Arches Text wove sounds wonderful, is it drawing paper?
Hope you get more warm weather soon! I am terribly spoiled today it is 70˚

Chris said...

Hi Jane, I get the paper from Daniel Smtih here's the link to the description....
Thank you for your nice words!!