Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pear #9

Casein and wire on canvas board 5x7

Casein painted background, 
dries to a velvety finish.
16 gauge annealed steel wire
fashioned into a pear.
Sewn to the board.
I really like it's simplicity.


There are signs of Spring...
I saw a Robin yesterday,
 daffodils are peeking through,
 piles of snow are melting,
60 degrees today,
 ice on the pond is disappearing.
I so look forward to this time,
bright green sprigs,
signs of new life.
Do you feel a change in your energy levels?
Is it the amount of light,
the smells,
the new growth?
Whatever it is, 
Welcome Spring !

1 comment:

joanne said...

oh another wonderful pear... this is gorgeous... i too love it's simplicity... and even so it is so distinctly knowable...

these last weeks we've sort of skipped spring and went right into summer... instead of infusing me with energy it's made me lazy instead :)