Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pear #23

Acrylic, sumi on 5x7 canvas board

 been doing lots of thinkin',
 wrestling with emotions,
shoulda, coulda, wouldas,
slugging through panic attacks,
learning how to breathe,
trying to get unstuck,
listing pros and cons,
fighting negatives with positives,
seeing small victories,
bandaging skinned knees,
picking myself up,
twirling through the storms,
finding rainbows,
taking naps,
reading poetry,
writing a little,
drinking iced tea,
listening to cicadas
watching pampas grass in breeze,
expressing in art,
conquering defeat with gesso,
trying again......

How about you?


jgr said...

What a beautiful post!

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh Chris, I've been struggling with the type of stuff the last couple days, depressive feelings, feeling like I don't deserve good things, and that I'm not worthy of anything. I've been journaling and reading a lot of self help. I'm hoping it will kick in soon. Hang in there.