Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grief and art

I've had an emotional week
there were several times 
that I felt overwhelming sadness
missing my Dad.
I was out of sorts all week.
 Grief, I know, is a process
there will be days of sadness
and days of a full heart,
grateful that he was my Dad.
I have to feel the feelings
let the tears fall.....

This isn't yet finished
thought I would share it in progress.
This several layers of cardboard.
The surface treatment is an experiment.
I painted the entire surface black
after it had dried thoroughly
I painted the entire surface again
with Elmer's School Glue
then immediately painted over the glue
with acrylic craft paint.
(don't over work it, 
brush on the glue
  going over the surface just once)
Let it dry,
and it cracks.
How cool is that?
It needs a bit more work,
that's for another day.
Have a nice weekend!

1 comment:

jgr said...

This is amazing Chris! I would have never guessed it was Elmer's Glue, I love it.