Sunday, November 21, 2010

Journal page

Since I haven't been able to spend time in my studio
I thought I'd share a journal page that I've been working on
for a couple of weeks.
This is for an online class with Juliana Coles--Field Notes, a book of reminders.
Juliana had asked me a couple of times to continue to work on the page, 
and take it further.
Going outside (for the assignment) was out of the question.
There is enough right in front of you, to teach you something.
My days are/were filled with medication, exercises, Dr. appts., PT appts.,
For the first 2 weeks, I needed to use a walker. 
One day my eyes welled with tears, my thoughts were
swirling with the idea that with the walker I can walk, I am liberated,
without the walker, I can't walk, I am humbled.
The checkerboard represents taking things one day at a time.
We can't rush healing.  It happens when it's ready on its own schedule.
It was good to journal my feelings of this experience.
I drew my self portrait on the prescription info sheet,
the med bottle on an an exercise sheet from PT.
I see the Dr. on Tues, hoping he will let me drive and go back to work on Wed.
The walker is in the basement (!), using a crutch now.
Off all meds!
Things are moving along nicely.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts,
and thank you so much for visiting!


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
WOW you are making GREAT progress!! I'm so happy for you. I think of you often and I'm sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

Chris said...

Thanks Jane!!

wanda miller said...

oh my gosh...i really am glad to hear from you, chris. and am glad you are on the other side of waiting for surgery.
i got news myself that i can do another round of supartz injections in my one bad knee and so it won't be now, for a knee replacement. i am sooo appreciative of all your info and pics alike as i WILL some day have to do this, and it's good to know SOME-THING. take good care and you do remain in my prayers, the drs. have told me what this can be like...xo wanda

joanne said...

i am so so glad to hear you are making such amazing progress! Big Yay!!!

I love your journal page, and so love to hear you kept with it, kept adding to it, and with each addition how deeply meaningful it became to you during your surgical healing recovery time.

continued best wishes and prayers for only more of this wonderful news going forward.


wanda miller said...

hows progress going, chris?