Monday, November 8, 2010

Knee Update....

Post surgery is going very, very well.  Everyday I am getting stronger.
Grateful for that.

This is a CPM machine (continuous passive motion).
I have to spend several hours a day with my leg on here.
It slowly bends and straightens my knee.
The degree of bend can be adjusted, so everyday I bump it up a little.
I also spend much of the day wrapped in a Polar Cooler.
The cooler is filled with ice and water, there is a pump that circulates the cold water through the knee cuff and keeps the swelling down.

Here are my marching orders from Claudia, my physical therapist.
She's wonderful and great to work with.

We often see smiling faces, pregnant bellies & etc. on blogs.
We don't often see peoples scars, but this is where many of us are at.
This is life for me right now, it really doesn't look that bad, does it?
Not even 2 weeks from surgery.  
If it weren't for joint replacement, I would be in bad shape at age 51.
This really is not short of miraculous.
(I really didn't mean to gross you out ;)

Most of all, I miss my girls.  They are being boarded at the shelter for a while longer.  Paul is doing a great job taking care of me, but the girls on top of that is a little to much right now.  Perhaps I can persuade him by telling him how much they will help me heal just by being here.  What do you think?
Thanks for visiting!!


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
I'm so glad things are going well, I've been thinking of you so much. I am sending you healing thoughts-take care my friend!

Chris said...

Thanks Jane!

joanne said...

I'm so grateful for you, for keeping it real, and that your recovery is going so well. Life is a full ride of both high tides and low tides and every kind of tide in between.

I hope the girls are back with you soon. I agree with you... their presence would be very healing :)

big healing hug from across the miles ... xo

Chris said...

Thank you Joanne!xo

Peg said...

WowEEE! You go girl! Looks like it is healed good! W said to tell you it was a good thing you didn't have that surgery somewhere else!
:P!!!! Happy Healing!!! Hugs, P

Ellen said...

Hi Chris, so glad you're getting better. Yes, I think you should have your pets with you. Pets are amazing in helping us feel better. I think you will heal faster with them around. Take care. Ellen