Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plaster bowl

plaster, charcoal, dirt, pastel, graphite, sumi, watercolor, encaustic medium
8 inches across, hangs on wall
I didn't realize until I saw it posted, that the sumi mark is in the shape of a bowl.
I think the red mark is a bittersweet tear.


The bowl is a good metaphor for life, no?
My bowl is full, too full, heaping full, spilling over full.
There are brief periods when the storm subsides and I catch my breath.
right foot, left foot, breathe.
lather, rinse, repeat.
Mom will be released from rehab soon.
There are still some things that hinge on other things.
Day by day, things are falling into place.
One day at a time, right?

Thanks for stopping by!


rebecca said...

you have to know,
this one,
stole my heart!

never stop!!!

Chris said...

Thank you Rebecca!