Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding time for art

cold wax & oil on wood ~ 12x12

I don't know much about cold wax medium or oils, 
but the idea of working with cold wax intrigued me
especially living in a cold climate where ventilation
for encaustics is an issue.
I've been puttering away at this painting
working on it off and on for many months.
Very happy to have finished it yesterday.
I've been trying a different approach to making art.
Much of what I had been doing required poems and quotations.
Interpreting the words with design elements, line-form-texture etc.
I've switched to journaling my thoughts and feelings 
and expressing those with cold wax & oil.
This is a different animal than acrylics.
You need a bit of patience with oils as they take time to dry.
In May I'm taking a class with Rebecca Crowell.
Sure to have my many questions answered.
I've got a triptych in the works.  
More on those later....
My mom continues to improve.
Even her voice sounds strong.
We're still working on finding assisted living for her.
One day at a time.... 

Thanks for stopping by!


joanne said...

dear Chris,
i am so happy to hear your mom is improving... one day at a time... if only i could remember that more often.

i just love this artwork. it makes me want to know more about cold wax and oil!!!!...

i love the coolness of it with a hint of warmth... it makes me think of the long awaited relief of the sun's appearance after an endless freezing dark winter in antarctica... cracking open... beautiful!

Chris said...
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