Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like vs Gotta Have

WIP-Mixed Media 16 x 16 on canvas
An "in flux" painting--a warm up.

I've taken a longer hiatus than anticipated,
but that's for another post...
This week I had a commission fall through.
Nope, I didn't have a contract or a deposit.
My bad.
But I realized something significant.
The person didn't love it.
While they liked it, they didn't love it.
big. difference.
Quite a number of years ago when I did a lot of art fairs,
there were several different types of people that wandered into my booth.
The "breeze in-breeze out" no eye contact-barely replied to my hello,
the "why is this so expensive?, I could get this at JCPenney's-framed for $30",
the person who would engage in conversation about my work,
the gem of all gems, the drunk person asking for a discount,(buh-bye now)
then out of the blue....
the person who sees your work from across the way, 
marches in, takes it off the wall and proclaims-
"I have to have this!"
If you truly love something, make a connection with it,
you'll make it happen-you'll buy it.
The reason I make art isn't just to sell art.
Absolutely, sales are fantastic, 
but the reason I make art is because even though I question myself all-the-time,
I have something to say.
When someone connects with that, 
it affirms why I make art.
I sold my Dad's house, the couple that bought it, 
looked at it, fell in love with it and wrote an offer on the spot.
That's the same reaction I desire for my art.
Someone makes a connection-be it emotional, spiritual--whatever
and. buys. it.
In the future,


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
I'm glad you're back! I love your post, it is so true!
Congrats on selling your Dad's house.
p.s. Thank you for the comment.

Jeane said...

true, true, true!!!

wanda miller said...

very COOL and BEAUTIFUL warm up!