Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Painting in progress

I have been struggling with this painting. I know what I don't want it to look like, but not really sure of what I do want. So far I've been going by "what feels right". I think I'm on the right track. The woman is holding a candle in a very dark room. I've coated watercolor paper with gesso, then gold paint. I'd like to let some of that gold underpainting to show through. Layers of acrylic on top of that. It's far from finished (like she needs a face) but wanted to show it at this point. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.


artistruth5405 said...

Hi Chris,
One of my favorite art quotes is about writing, but applies to painting too: "Writing a book is like driving a car at night... you can only see as far as the headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." -E.L. Doctorow

Have a fun art trip!

Chris said...

Hi artistruth5405,
Great quote, thank you for posting! I will keep that in mind.