Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family reunion

This afternoon my family (on my dad's side) met at the Fox & Hounds in Hubertus for a family reunion. My aunt Karen wanted to get everyone together, especially with my dad having cancer. I haven't seen my cousins, their wives and one of my aunts in a number of years. None of us are very good at keeping in touch.
I thought I'd be taking tons of pictures. I didn't. I got so caught up in conversations that I forgot about the camera.
My mother is seated in front, (l-r) me, aunt karen, my dad, uncle Jim, Terri, my cousin Dan, next to my mom is Linda, married to my cousin Pete, in the back Dan's son David, aunt Jennie, in back, my cousin Dave and his wife Tammy. Paul wasn't feeling well, new meds, he wasn't up to coming.
The time went so fast, I was rather surprised at how emotional parting was. I couldn't turn off the water works. It was great to spend time catching up. Just a great bunch. I love them dearly.

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joanne said...

what a joy-filled day! and such beautiful moments to have and keep in your heart always... i just love looking at family photos, and it is lovely to see you all together...

with all that has been going on that has been so heavy on you, i am so glad you had this time to be with those you love so much and hold so dear... what a wonderful time of re-connection and renewal...

thank you so much for sharing :)