Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time management

No picture today, unless you want to see an incredibly messy studio..... The past few weeks have had me hibernating. Hiding really, well maybe just trying to process all that has been going on. My mom is moved and she's "fine tuning" where her stuff goes. My dad just had a full body scan, the cancer is not spreading...so the chemo is working. Grateful am I.... I'm trying to get in shape for the knee replacement on April 28th. The past couple of weeks, I've been working on eating better. Whole foods, organic when possible. I'm feeling much better. Exercising daily. Remember Susan Powter? She's back, check out her out. I bought her "post resolution package" and have been working out. I've gone down 1 pants size. Much excitement here, nottomention motivated! Time management......how to make time for all that one wants to do. I still haven't done much of any art.......Did I mention I need to take stuff up to the gallery a coupla days before my surgery.......oy!

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joanne said...

i've been doing a bit of hibernating myself... but glad to click through and see an update here... and also hopeful that the spring brings you much to celebrate with some peaceful and healing time...