Monday, March 2, 2009

Runnin' on empty

Finally getting over the bug that's made it's way around the office. It's been a struggle just making it through the work day, much less doing anything around the house. My energy level is pretty low, work has been busy....perhaps you've heard about the stock market? I've not done any art and am feeling very restless indeed. I'm in the process of getting things ready for the needs to arrive there late April. Starting to panick...just a little bit. There's nothing like a deadline to get one's rear in gear.
Misty is waiting for the floor to dry before she can come out to play. Trying to catch up on chores that have been neglected. I like Margaux's idea, she's napping.
Ripped and restarted a scarf. Love this blue-green color. I decided the stockingette stitch was a little too boring so I'm knitting 6 rows and pearling 1. We'll see if that's any better.
My mom moved last Friday. I've been going over there twice a week to help her unpack boxes. Thankfully we're nearly finished. It's so unsettling being unsettled. My Dad goes for chemo #2 on Thurs. Please keep him in your prayers. I've got an appt. set up to see an Ortho, time for that partial knee replacement. When I rains it pours!

1 comment:

joanne said...

it so often seems like chaos attracts chaos doesn't it?

it is a lot for you to be carrying... i do hope you find a quiet place in the day to just take a few long breaths...

it's lovely to see a photo of you :)