Thursday, December 17, 2009

Purse covers

Have you seen those very cool purses...Miche Bags?
I love the concept, being able to leave all your stuff in one purse--and able to change the shell. How cool is that?
I got the idea to make my own shells.
Out came canvas...some raw, some primed and went at it.
These were a blast to paint.
Truth be told,
I was doing these instead of homework for Misty's class....
which I will get to....eventually;)

The shells are attached to the purse with magnets.
now if my Dick Blick order would just get here.......

I bought a very awesome wood block for fabric printing.
One thing I did learn is that a mouse under the canvas
would make a better image.
I do like the broken look of the stamp though.
I'll show you how they turn out....keep your fingers crossed;0

1 comment:

jgr said...

These are gorgeous enough to just 'be' the purse. I can't wait to see them in the final stage. Also, I am curious about the magnet installation.