Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sorta figured it out.....

I think I've figured out what happened, I didn't have a glass of wine at the ready!  I live just getting by with technology.  I'm okay with that, living a perfectly "normal" life, but must confess my occational meltdown when things aren't working like they always have!

The other day I was scrubbing my kitchen floor and this overwhelming sense of the need to let go of trying so hard at being a full-time artist.  Second guessing what people will buy, yada yada.  So, right there in the middle of the floor, with a tear in my eye, I let it go.  I felt relief!  Like the proverbial great weight being lifted.  A little later in the day, a project popped into my head.  Do a series of mixed media paintings all with the pear as the subject.  How many different ways can one depict a pear?  We'll see.  A full page of ideas are jotted down and I'm sure more will surface as I work.  There is a goodly stack of 5x7 canvas boards at the ready.  Here is my first  Eventually they will all migrate to Charlene's Gallery Ten in Door County. 

Oil Pastel

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