Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This n' that

Finally....finished a bit of homework from a couple of weeks ago.
I struggled with this portrait...
so many times I wanted to give up...
but kept going....
working through the awkward stages....
She has piercing blue eyes,
it appears that she is waiting,
for something or someone.
This is my first try using oil paintstks.
Shiva paintstiks are buttery and blend very well.
Used my fingers to blend, tried a blending stump
but it just wasn't working that well...
back to using fingers.

We are expecting 9-16 inches of snow in the next few days.
It started snowing last night, very fine snow.
There isn't much out there this morning.
We'll see what next day or two brings.
Mom continues to gain strength, even her voice
sounds stronger.
One day at a time, right?!
Still no word on how long she'll be in rehab.
Thank you friends, for your thoughts and prayers.

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