Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pear #22

Mixed media on 5x7 canvas board
Super easy background.  
Have you ever tried
those patina kits?
This is the iron kit.
You paint the surface you want to patina
in this case with the iron paint.
After it has dried
apply step two
the rusting solution
That's it.
Next I drew in a horizon line
and added asphaltum glaze (Golden)
The paper for the pear was made
by gluing all sorts of odds n ends
onto paper using gel medium
......a seal, alphabet pasta, metal bits
window screen
Then apply gold leaf sizing--I used Wondasize.
Let dry till it's tacky.
Lay a aluminum leaf over the sizing.
Glaze with asphaltum.
Every day I stare off into this pond.
Some days deer are at waters edge.
Most days I see this fellow...
A Great Blue Heron
He wades along the shore
catching fish
Or stand stoicly
for hours.
The pond has gotten deeper
as we have gotten a lot of rain lately
and a beaver has moved in upstream
When the workday is hectic
I take a little break
and get lost in the pond.

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