Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4 paintings update

I decided to paint the 4 paintings at once
then take them apart so they'd look like 1 large painting.
I like it so far, blending paint right on the painting 
gives nice variance of color....
but there's something missing.

I looked at it from from each angle
and found two figures.
I blocked those in and started working on the background.
I like what is taking shape.
The figure on the left seems sad with her head down.
Is she unhappy with her relationship?
Did he give her the wrong answer when she asked if 
her jeans made her but look big?
Doesn't he want to go to the opera?
....just received bad news?
I'll keep going and see what happens.

Here is a closeup of the figure.
On top of the paint I smeared (or is it schmeared?),
a tar like patch---it has threads of fiberglass in it.
The texture is very cool.
Who knows what's next?!

Thanks for visiting!


jgr said...

Your painting(s) is looking good! I love to read the description you have. Still keeping you in my prayers and sending you healing thoughts for 10.26.

Ellen said...

Hi Chris, Your art leaves me speechless all the time. I see the childish stuff I do, and then your stuff, and I think when will I mature? Good work. Also, best of luck with your knee. I'm thinking of you. Ellen