Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's the day!

I've been neglecting the blog,
getting ready for today.
Today I get a new knee.
Am I excited.....yes I am!

It will be wonderful to be on the other side of surgery,
and on the mend.
Please keep me in your prayers!!


Haven't spend much time painting,
though those paintings have again changed
I look forward to getting back at them.
I have enjoyed trying the "what ifs"
++what about adding this color
using that brush
and covering it all up again++
having some successes
mostly not so much.
I'll keep going back
and at some point
they will be done!

Thanks for visiting!!


wanda miller said...

the very best of luck and prayers are already being sent! xo

jgr said...

Yes, I'm sending big prayers to you and healing energy too. You have a positive attitude and that's half-the-battle as they say.

Chris said...

Thank you so much! As we speak I'm on the couch with my leg in the CPM machine-Paul is ready to pop in a movie the DVD player and a Papa Murphy's in the oven. It's good to be home!

joanne said...

I've been away from the computer for a short bit, and I come back and can't believe I missed this update! I'm so glad you are home and recuperating. I'm sending you prayers for speedy healing and recovery and restoration to a fully functioning new knee!

big hug