Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 paintings (in process) and a knee

These have changed quite a bit since last time, haven't they?
I felt uneasy about where I was going with the compositions
so I went at with paint and gloved hand.
(not sure of the toxicity of the paints)
I really like mixing the paints right on the paper,
there are really nice color variations
and texture is starting to build.
Still not sure where these are going to go,
but the important thing is to keep working at it.
And respond to what is happening with the paint.


Other news, I had an MRI on my knee (the "good" one),
it turns out that I need a total knee replacement.
 Geez, I just had a partial knee replacement last year-on the left.
The doc said the right is worse than the left was!
I suppose from all the compensating over the years......
It's always something!
Surgery is set for Oct 26th.
Please keep me in your prayers.
Thanks for stopping by!


joanne said...

*sigh... so sorry to hear about your knee and the need for surgery. Surgery is such an ordeal in so many ways, and then there's the recuperation. I wish and pray for the very best for the procedure and the outcome and that relief and restoration will be very quick...

i LOVE where your paintings are heading. Love the colors and shapes taking form. Interesting to see some of the angular, joint-y shapes in the first three and then the vibrant color with the red in the fourth... your knee joint maybe expressing itself? ... :)

sending you a big warm healing hug from across the miles...

jgr said...

Your paintings are great! they are really coming along. Yes! many prayers for you and your surgery!

Chris said...

Thank you so much Joanne and Jane, I appreciate your kind words and prayers!!

wanda miller said...

gosh darn it, you shall be in my prayers. i just got through sending a message to jgr about her knee. i have one bad knee and had some of it surgically done...then a few years later, the surgeon said he'd like trying to put this gel (injected a week at a time, instead of a knee replacement). it's been 3 years now, so i know i am one of the lucky peeps. i also know each case is individual and different...but thought it might be worth asking your dr. about. the injected substance is not toxic or harmful, he said it was like oiling your hinges, and works for some but not everyone..can't remember the name of it. i wish you the very best of luck.
annnnd of course i love your art work, it's feel, it's originality. xo