Friday, March 18, 2011

Life is a bowl ...

Bowl #2
gouache and encaustic medium on plaster 5x7

This piece was inspired by two stories.

"This is a giant block
of whatever is most difficult
for you to carry
and trust me on this,
you'll carry it more times
thank you can count
until you decide that's exactly
what you want to do most
and then it won't weigh
a thing anymore"
from The Story People
"...each day a monk goes out
with his empty bowl in his hands.
Whatever is placed in the bowl
will be his nourishment for the day."
Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender
These two stories have been rolling
around and around in thoughts that are
deep and scattered.
I've been resisting difficult situations.
Easier to try to run and hide
than to (wo)man up and face them...head on.
Denial runs within a deep vein.
Taking on my mother's burden
has been at once painful and tender.
My bowl is full to the brim (enough, I cry)
with work, visits, seeking help, searching for assisted living,
calls to nurses, doctors, social workers...on and on..
I think about how difficult this is to carry,
I come to the realization
that this is exactly what I want to do most.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
My mom has turned a corner, she's doing much better.
She'll be leaving the ICU behind soon.
Sweet relief.
She's got a lot of work to do ahead.
Her will has become strong.
Grateful daughter am I.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ruth Armitage said...

a beautiful, inspiring post Chris. Lovely painting and thoughts. I'm glad things are going smoother!

wanda miller said...

GRATEFUL GRATEFUL i am too for you AND your mom! love your entire post!
ADORE your piece of work here, ADORE it i say!

Anna Schüler said...

a beautiful piece!

jgr said...

Lovely, insightful post-and my prayers continue for you and your Mom.

Chris said...

Thank you all for your kind words about the piece. I appreciate your prayers!!