Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my car is in there somewhere......

A couple of days ago, 12 inches of snow covered our area. Two days later, acoupla more inches, today up to 6 more! No worries here for a white Christmas. The piles of snow are increasing, our driveway is starting to look like a bobsled run. Grateful am I that we insulated our house last year.
A goodly number of years ago, I watched Reading Rainbow. They featured a book called "Winter Poems". A very sweet book with lovely illustrations.


What a night! The wind howls, hisses, and but stops
To howl more loud, while the snow volley keeps
Incessant batter at the window-pane,
Making our comforts feel as sweet again;
And in the morning, when the tempest drops,
At every cottage door mountainous heaps
Of snow lie drifted, then all entrance stops
Until the broom and the shovel gain
The path, and leave a wall on either side

~John Clare

Be warm!

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