Saturday, December 27, 2008

The newest little Meissners

Misty and Margaux

Margaux is a sable......

Misty is a roan

Together they spell....trouble! A week ago, Paul and I went to a ferret shelter, called the Ferret Den. Sid and Sandy are the sweetest people, they have converted part of their home into a ferret shelter. We went there for "a" ferret. These two little stinkers were surrendered together so they must be adopted together. We are in ferret "boot camp". After being without ferrets for 2 years, we're out of practice "ferret proofing" the house. Misty is a climber, she has no fear of stairs (our last 3 ferrets didn't care for stairs). Paul went to the basement and minutes later heard noises....there was Misty-covered in cobwebs. Misty can also pull herself up onto a kitchen chair...she grabs onto the seat cushion an pulls herself up, then onto the kitchen table. (I can't even do 1 straight leg push-up)
Yikes! What a handful! Margaux is the quieter of the two. She interacts with us much more than Misty. Getting to know their personalities is very fun. It's great to have little fuzzies around again. They are always doing things to make us laugh out loud.

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