Monday, February 2, 2009

10 things....

An invitation from Joanne-to post 10 things about myself.

1-I would knock you down if you got between me and my dark chocolate---nothing personal.
2-I almost always wear a smile and enjoy making people laugh.
3-I love books, I have STACKS that I haven't read yet. (perhaps I have mentioned Paul confronting me about that.....bless his's hasn't stopped me ;~D )
4-I've been married for almost 21 years to a great guy who encourages me to no end.
5-I'm a perfectionist--trying to get over that. It's a horrible trait. It makes me miserable (not to mention those around me)
6-I have an arsenal of sappy romantic comedies that I watch over and over over and ov......
7-I am turning 50 in June, going boldly, I will. None of this calling myself old-crap. No siree bob.
8-I LOVE short hair, after it's dry I put on Aquage Transforming Paste and off I go....
9-I can't watch Old Yeller, Bambi, I can't even listen to the Lassie song [remember that sad-sad whistling?]...anything where something bad happens to animals....somewhere along the line I will start sobbing.
10-Self-confidence is not one of my strong suits. I am a bundle of insecurities.

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