Friday, February 13, 2009

This n that

I'll start with some good news. Yesterday my dad had his first chemo treatment. It went very well, the bone scan he had last week was clear of cancer in his bones. I'm grateful. He was a little woosy today, but felt good. He'll be getting another treatment in 3 weeks. I sure hope it shrinks the cancer.

My girls were a smidge unhappy with the vacuum cleaner today. Happy to be in the cage, but not so happy to be woken up from a nap.

A couple of months ago I made these plaster leaves. My intention was to finish them for the new year......"turning over a new leaf".....hmmm......I guess old habits are hard to break. So much for my new year's resolutions. They aren't quite finished as I'd like to write a word or phrase on these. It needs to percolate a while longer. I know myself too well, if I try to rush something, I wreck it.

I've also been working on copper foil--embossing, debossing and then giving it a surface treatment. Then they get mounted on a tumbled marble tile. I was able to get them into 2 galleries up in Door County (the little finger of Wisconsin). I've got to be ready by the end of April. One gallery invited me to do a solo show....pretty darn exciting. It'll last 5 weeks. Hopefully the economy will pick up. We'll see what this stimulus package does for the country.
Keeping my fingers crossed.


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
I'm glad things went well yesterday for your Dad.
I love the foil embossed pieces and congrats on having a show!!!! WOW! I love that.


Pattio said...

Congrats on a solo show, how exciting! The copper embossing is fabulous! Happy Valentines Day to you and your Dad. :)

joanne said...

i'm so glad to hear things went well for your dad's first treatment...keeping you all close as he continues his treatments...

i absolutely love your foil pieces and am so so so excited for your news of a show....WOW....WOW.... can't wait to hear more...i can see why...your artwork is gorgeous...

Happy Valentine's Day :)