Friday, September 3, 2010

A new painting and.........

acrylic, gouache, encaustic medium on cardboard  5x7

It's been quiet here recently.

For a few weeks in July and August,
I was able to take time off of work,
my purpose was to concentrate on art.
An art sabbatical.
Felt the need to set some rules for myself. quiet tv
...limit internet (I failed at this one)

I got up early.....very early....crazy early
while it was dark
and quiet.
And began to listen.
and journaled.
It took time to get past the day to day
goings on,
petty irritations and,
to do lists.
There would be one sentence
that stood out from the others.
I took that sentence and followed that thread.
And kept on writing.
There were days that I sobbed.
I felt paralyzed by the angst,
legs as lead,
the sting of raw emotion.
It was then that I would go into the studio.
and worked on getting those emotions out
onto canvas, paper and board,
with paint, paper, ink, and wax.

The journal had become my most powerful tool.
Weeks later, I still rise crazy early.
 The early morning solitude
has now become a routine
as journaling has.
I'm feeling much more connected with myself.

Thank you for visiting!


Peggy said...

love this iris, it reminds me of fall when it rebloomed for you.
You did a great job!

jgr said...

So good that you were able to take time for yourself. Your iris is lovely, too.

Teressa Thompson said...

I like your work! Not even sure how I happened upon your blog! LOL