Sunday, September 19, 2010

Continuing on.....

The paintings in the previous post photos
were making me quite nuts.
Every time I looked at them
I felt so uneasy,
not sure where to go from there.
Decided it was time to write down
what it was that was causing the angst.
They were chaotic,
they needed some direction.
 They needed serious blocking out of areas.
Mixed up some gray from black & white gesso.
Gesso makes nice matte grays.
Went in with a brush
and tried to negative paint
the design compositions the painting seemed to call for.
Bottom right: cruciform
Bottom left: cantilever
Top left: golden rectangle
Top right: man in trench coat wearing fedora ;p
I feel better about these now.
There are areas of rest where the paint isn't demanding attention.
I have to tell you that this not knowing
where the painting wants to go
is very unsettling.
I have many-many paintings that I have abandoned
because they got to a point
where I didn't know what to do
and I was afraid of taking risks.
So in a stack they sit
patiently waiting for me to grow a backbone
and throw caution to the wind.
So my friend, 
this is todays offering-
tomorrow is another day, and I have lots of paint.
Thank you for stopping by!


joanne said...

what's true in art is so true in life... so many things we're afraid of... afraid to take risks. Afraid we'll mess up. Afraid of so many things. We squirrel away our biggest and brightest ideas in the attic of ourselves somewhere. They wait for us to turn to courage... The courage to move with our fears, bring them along with us on the ride.

I'm glad you still have the paintings and didn't throw them out altogether. It shows there is you in there somewhere who still believes in their potential.

Chris said...

I wish I could make it sound so poetic like you do! Thank you Joanne!