Sunday, September 12, 2010

Journey of 4 paintings


Come along with me,
to watch the unfolding
of 4 paintings.
Their journey begins.....

Every time I look at a blank canvas, board or paper,
there is a bit of angst.

This quote has me thinking differently.

"I begin a painting with a series of mistakes."
Robert Motherwell

Easy peasy. problem.

4- 11x10 300# cold press watercolor papers.
So that I wouldn't have to look at that white paper
I started making marks with a charcoal stick.

Next I took red-orange acrylic paint 
and spread it on with a plastic card
no thinking allowed...quickly get it on there.
That's it for today.
You might be wondering why I'm working on 4 paintings.
Because working one painting can get precious,
fear to move beyond your comfort zone.
If there are several going at once 
you are more apt to take risks, 
push it, try the absurd, the impossible.
When their journey is done,
there will either be 1 decent painting
or a series.

Look what I found at Michaels!
How cool is this?!
"Freaky Halloween Fabric" 
It comes in natural, black and green.
Isn't that big open weave fabulous?
Great texture don't you think?
Methinks this will be incorporated
into these paintings.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come.
or better yet,
 consider joining me.
 Post your blog here 
and we can watch each others progress.
Whadaya say?


Peggy said...

Girlie you do the coolest of things! Keep up the fun work!

joanne said...


I love these glimpses of the beginning stages. It makes me imagine and wander too. Wow, your squiggles are art in themselves. They look so flowy and relaxed.

Can't wait to see more. :)