Friday, August 14, 2009

Reason to Celebrate

Last week Saturday, my Aunt and Uncle had a birthday party for my Dad. His birthday isn't until the 22nd, but my Aunt wanted to have it as soon as possible. 82! It's hard to believe.
Family and friends filled my Aunt and Uncle's house. I have never heard so many "I love yous". It was wonderful! When it was over, my Dad was worn out. He slept well.
Over the course of the week, walking has become more difficult. He fell while my Aunt and the hospice nurse were there. Yesterday he went into the nursing home. I am grateful for that, knowing that he will have 24 hour care. Watching the cancer taking over his body has been so difficult. This once hard working, strong and independent man can't shave his own face. The changes that have taken place since he was diagnosed in late January, have been monumental.
I have learned to take nothing for granted. Each day is truly a gift. Saying "I love you", means so much. This experience has been difficult, yet so rich. I am learning to spend time with my feelings, letting my emotions run their course.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Pop and I had a very sweet visit. He is more frail than the last visit I had. He is losing weight, losing control of some bodily functions, but he is of great humor. My prayer has been that he not be in pain....and he isn't. I love looking into those blue eyes. I love you Pop!! When I first got there he was looking a bit like a vagrant. He is a very independent and proud man who doesn't like to ask for help. He doesn't have the dexterity and is no longer able to shave his head or face. So, together we went outside and I shaved his head and then his face. The eyebrows were another story. Those wiry little devils were pointing every which direction reaching toward the sun.....I got the hang of trimming them by the second eyebrow ;) I asked him if I could take pictures of his tattoos. He has been embarrassed by these, so he always wore long sleeves to cover them up. He was in the Korean war, he got these tattoos back in 1949. They are faded, but oh so beautiful.
I can't tell what this is anymore......
A snake head with a dagger through it......
A eagle maybe, with a snake wrapped around it.......

hmmmm, me thinks there's a pattern forming.....snakes and women....hmmmm.....
Pop and his sister, Karen. She is my favorite aunt. She and I are very close, like sisters. Everyday Auntie Karen goes over to his house to make sure he eats dinner, cleans, does his laundry. She is an incredible caregiver, an angel, really.