Sunday, December 27, 2009

Face painting

Revisiting this face....I had glued an image of a face on a background.....decided it was time to go ahead a attack it. A good start I think. Here I am using burnt umber and white paint. It's interesting to see it up on a computer as opposed to lying on a table.
This poor girl has a bulky neck, doesn't she? I'll be able to slim it down a bit when I go back and put in the background. Attempting to mix skin tone shades here.

White paint and brown ink....a good start. I really like to work on a few things at once. It's good to put paintings aside and go back later. Things that I thought were working....aren't. I learning to hang in there with face painting.....keep going....keep blending....don't give up. They aren't where I think they should be, so I'll keep working on them......

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas to You!

It's a rainy Christmas morning here in Milwaukee. It started to rain yesterday afternoon. If this were snow.....we'd be buried! The temperatures are supposed to drop and then snow. I don't like ice, I'm afraid we're really in for it. We cancelled our Christmas plans. Paul and I both have the nasty, creeping crud that's going around. No need to spread it around. Rest, that's what we'll do. Watch sappy Christmas movies in our jammies.

My favorite Christmas Carol--it always brings me to tears....
the REAL reason for Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Purse covers

Have you seen those very cool purses...Miche Bags?
I love the concept, being able to leave all your stuff in one purse--and able to change the shell. How cool is that?
I got the idea to make my own shells.
Out came canvas...some raw, some primed and went at it.
These were a blast to paint.
Truth be told,
I was doing these instead of homework for Misty's class....
which I will get to....eventually;)

The shells are attached to the purse with magnets.
now if my Dick Blick order would just get here.......

I bought a very awesome wood block for fabric printing.
One thing I did learn is that a mouse under the canvas
would make a better image.
I do like the broken look of the stamp though.
I'll show you how they turn out....keep your fingers crossed;0

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a matter of perspective

I started this painting (homework for Misty's class) in an easel, didn't finish it in one I pulled if off of the easel and worked flat on a table. I was a bit surprised at how different the perspective was between lying flat and upright in an easel. It's a good idea to step away from your work every now and then to check on the perspective, shapes, colors, etc., even turning your work upside down. The next painting I do (which may very well be right on top of this one), I will take my own advise......need more practice. ;p

Sunday, December 6, 2009


This one is pretty earthly looking...a bit ethereal....

I like adding a bit of metallic here and there under the layers.

These backgrounds are so much fun to do, I can't stop myself. At some point I will have to put something ON these backgrounds.........

Well, here goes.....
I glued a face onto the background...
....added a few flowers.....
we'll see where she goes from here......