Friday, January 29, 2010

So, whadaya think?

The magnets finnnnnally came and I finished making the cover for my Miche purse.
I think it turned out pretty darned cool!
Must order more magnets to finish the other two.
I can see where this could become an addiction.
My mom is doing well....thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Her docs spent a long time tweaking her meds
and how she gets them,
how much oxygen she gets.
Today she goes into a rehab facility
to get her strength back
before she can go home.
She has been through a lot.
It's a good thing she's feisty!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


an assignment from Misty's class
pencil on white paper
Here's Misty (but not the one who gave me the assignment ;)
she makes me laugh out loud-wonderful companion.
Margeaux was napping, no picture of her this time
I went over to my mom's apartment, one of her neighbor's has this posted on their door.
This made me stop dead in my tracks.
How much of my life was been wasted because I wait.....
I wait for one thing to pass, then another,
when all the while, I could be learning to dance in the rain.
Lately my journaling time has been very revealing,
digging deeper,
feeling the feelings,
letting things percolate,
and toss like they're in a tumbler,
it one of the best habits that I've started.
A week ago Friday, my Mom was feeling well and went to the ER.
From there she went to the ICU--she's been there ever since.
She's not responding as quickly as she did in the past.
I honestly thought I was going to lose her.
I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to not be able to breathe.
Concentrating on each breath, focusing on inhaling
to let the oxygen flowing from the mask in.
She's so frail,
I think today they'll be moving her out of ICU.
At some point, she'll be going to a rehab facility
to get her strength back.
I'm so scared.....what happens next time she can't breathe?
I've been spending as much with her as I can.
She hasn't been talking that much,
she stares off into that far away place.
maybe she's learning to dance in the rain......

Sunday, January 17, 2010


An assignment for Misty's online class.
Next assignment is to draw a face.
I haven't used pencil in ages....
I have forgotten what a great tool it is.
The sound of it scratching on paper....
how well it blends and lifts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

mid-jan 2010

Where did the first half of the month go already? Earlier this week we had gray skies. The lack of sun has made me want to curl up and hide. Yesterday was a glorious day and of course, forgot my camera. I felt so good to go outside at lunch and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It even got warm enough for some of the snow to melt. I never tire of looking at this pond. During the day, I spin my chair, look at the pond and catch my breath. ahhhhh......
LK Ludwig's online journaling class is a great time of play. It's a blast spending time readying pages to be bound into a journal. LK is sharing a lot of techniques, some of which I've not tried before, gelatine printing for one......
I've been working on making my own stamps. Some of these are made of cardboard, some out of foam. As I work, I see the shapes that are cut and glued as symbols. I don't know what they mean.....yet, but as I use them in my work they will show me. The beginnings of my own symbology.
.....yet another contemplative girl~~~she's got a lot on her mind and a heavy heart

a printing plate started as a piece of foam from a to-go container, lines drawn in with a pen
I'm giving myself an assignment for the weekend.....I'll fill you in later......