Saturday, May 19, 2012

Plaster bowls

 Saturday glorious Saturday! 
 It's already a gorgeous day outside.  
The windows are wide open in my studio.  
Thought I would show you a couple of bowls I'm working on.

Hand built plaster bowl (8.5 " across) with a layer of encaustic medium on top.
Next a layer of amber shellac that was set on fire.
It's been drying for a week, now it's ready for the next step.

Another plaster bowl (13.5" across) that I intentionally smashed,
going for the relic look.
It also has a layer of encaustic medium and a layer of shellac that was burned.
F-i-r-e  g-o-o-d.
It dried for a week, then I rubbed Pan pastel all over it.
 The dried shellac acts as a resist,
while the thicker areas of shellac are still a bit tacky.
Turquoise and amber are beautiful together.
This is ready for a layer of encaustic medium.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like vs Gotta Have

WIP-Mixed Media 16 x 16 on canvas
An "in flux" painting--a warm up.

I've taken a longer hiatus than anticipated,
but that's for another post...
This week I had a commission fall through.
Nope, I didn't have a contract or a deposit.
My bad.
But I realized something significant.
The person didn't love it.
While they liked it, they didn't love it.
big. difference.
Quite a number of years ago when I did a lot of art fairs,
there were several different types of people that wandered into my booth.
The "breeze in-breeze out" no eye contact-barely replied to my hello,
the "why is this so expensive?, I could get this at JCPenney's-framed for $30",
the person who would engage in conversation about my work,
the gem of all gems, the drunk person asking for a discount,(buh-bye now)
then out of the blue....
the person who sees your work from across the way, 
marches in, takes it off the wall and proclaims-
"I have to have this!"
If you truly love something, make a connection with it,
you'll make it happen-you'll buy it.
The reason I make art isn't just to sell art.
Absolutely, sales are fantastic, 
but the reason I make art is because even though I question myself all-the-time,
I have something to say.
When someone connects with that, 
it affirms why I make art.
I sold my Dad's house, the couple that bought it, 
looked at it, fell in love with it and wrote an offer on the spot.
That's the same reaction I desire for my art.
Someone makes a connection-be it emotional, spiritual--whatever
and. buys. it.
In the future,