Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reorganizing for the new year

Look....a floor, how about that?!  It was starting to get a bit dangerous in there again.  You know how it is right?  Mixed media....boxes and bags full of this n' that.  Decided it was high time to pick up and reorganize before I hurt myself tripping over some treasure.  

I cleared out a corner to make a quiet place read.  I'm thinking about this chair in brown.  When my mother-in-law passed away, I was given her brass reading lamp.      

Paul rescued this sink from going into a dumpster on a job site.
He didn't want me making a mess in the bathroom sink, so he had this put in.

This is an old lawyer's bookcase, it has glass doors that flip up and push in.
It holds paint, mediums and etc.!
Nice to have like things in one place.
So now the studio is ready
Time to get to work!

Thanks for visiting, have a nice weekend!