Friday, April 30, 2010

Pear #19 and a bit of weird science

Plaster, burlap, photocopied image, charcoal, pastels, shellac, beeswax


This one was a bit more involved
I asked myself "what if" quite often.
I started out by pouring some plaster onto a piece of burlap.
Let it dry thoroughly.
Next I cracked the plaster.
Then several coats of beeswax were applied.
I tried a photocopy transfer
but it was too textured for it to work.  
Rubbed some charcoal powder over the pear
with my finger.
Went out side with shellac, and a torch.
The transfer and charcoal pretty much disappeared.
Then I used a razor blade to scrape off
the toner and charcoal.
Cut out a photocopy of my drawing of a pear.
Used more beeswax to adhere it to the surface.
Used more pastels
and called it done.
The razor blade chattered and created a wonderful texture.
I love how this turned out.

I really like the cracks
the texture of the razor blade
and how the shellac burnt away.
The whole process was a pleasure.


Now for a little bit of weird science....
As I was googling something,
something else got my attention.
Someone made "stains" 
from steel wool and copper.
So in one jar I've got a steel wool pad
soaking in vinegar for a rust stain.
In the other jar bits of copper
even some pennies---though I don't know if they are copper.
The copper will produce a turquoise stain.
There is an odd sort of film in the steel wool jar,
must be from oil (?)
I understand it will take at least 10 days 
for something to happen.
I'll let you know when something does.

Thanks for visiting, have a nice weekend!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pear #18 ....and part of the process?

Casein, pastel & beeswax on paper

I started by brushing casein onto paper.
It becomes waterproof in 24 hours.
I then drew the pear and painted with those
buttery Pan Pastels
final step--dip in beeswax.
A few years ago, my Dad gave me
his electric frying pan.
It's a nice size for dipping papers.


We'll soon be dropping art off at a couple of galleries
in Door County.
While I should be working
I'm really distracted.
Clutter is closing in.
That 6 foot work table
is down to 12 square inches of workspace.
Does that happen to you?
I start looking around the room
walking requires tippy toes into 
empty spaces--which there aren't many.
Time to stop and pick up.
I don't want to trip and conk my head on something.
Then I start sorting through things
which can wait
but I can't help myself.
I have oodles of 3-ring binders with 
notes, printouts, magazine articles, newspaper clippings
you get the picture.
Some of these things haven't seen 
the light of day since they were hole punched
long ago.
I start flipping through--tossing (recycling)
hours were spent pitching & tossing....
when I should be working.
I decided that it "part of my process".
How about that?
No beatings this time.
Now I have a clear head and room
to let things percolate.
Do you have a similar process?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pear #17


Copper foil 5x7

One of my very favorite techniques 
is repousse; embossing.
The amount of pressure applied with a tool
(here I used a metal ball tool- it's double ended)
to the copper--front or back
leaves either very subtle marks
or deep dimensional textures.
Sometimes I glue small shapes on the piece.
I use liver of sulfur to patinate the copper.
Then I buff it with steel wool.
Copper is a bit hard to photograph
but then again,
you know I have issues with cameras ;)


Spending time writing in my journal
is helping me sort out the 
It's a good friend
it listens
it doesn't judge me
and it brings moments of clarity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pear #16

Acrylic on wood 6x6

I strayed from the 5x7 canvases.
Sometimes you just need a little change.
Acrylic gel medium
slathered onto a hand cut stencil of a pear
and also through punchinello.
Painted with acrylics as well.
I like working on wood.
I think I bought a bundle of scrap
from Home
Perfect for these little paintings.


I had a good visit with my friend and PT, Jill.
She's one of those very logical people that you can't get enough of.
I wish I were that way.
I'm far too impulsive.
I'm in hip deep before I even give something a second thought.
I also have a tiny problem with perfectionism.
Are you that way too?
I beat myself up lot
call myself terrible names.
I wouldn't want to be a friend
to someone who treats me the way I do.
Journaling....I've neglected journaling for a few weeks now.
I can think clearer when I write things down
and hash them out on paper.
Tonite seems like a good night for a cup of tea
and my journal.
Thank you for visiting.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pear #15

Can you guess what this is?

Watercolor on canvas board 5x7

Do you need a hint?
I think you got it.....
I can't believe how long it took to do this.
When I first got the idea,
I cracked myself up
thinking about the stainless steel cone-bra,
the helmet and horns,
the braids,
the Mimi blue eyeshadow.
This was a lot harder to do than I thought.
Which medium to use?
A while back, Carla Sonheim posted a technique
that I thought would work.
I really enjoy her paintings, 
so I thought I'd give it a try.
I had a blast....but I'm sooo ready to move on.


Am I glad tax season is over....whew!
Work gets a little (okay--a lot) crazy during this time.
Since I'm the receptionist
the phones are the tiniest bit busy.
When I get home from work---I'm wiped out.
I've been trying to work on some art 
when I get home,
just to unwind a bit.
You know what?
It works wonders.


I missed showing them to you
the daffodils
thick and lush
looking like a choir,
all facing the same way,
as though they are fixed on a Director.
on the way to the office
It's something I look forward to every Spring!
They are fading now,
it's a reminder
to stop and smell the roses.
What do you see everyday
that fills you full of wonder
if you would only stop
and soak it in?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pear #14 and the girls

Take two (snap)
interference gold dry brushed on Niddegan
The pear was drawn with Sumi ink

Can you see the shimmer of the interference gold paint?

Have you tried Pan Pastels?
(by now you have figured out that I am
an art supplies slut enthusiast) 
They blend beautifully
the set came with a few spongey applicators.
Then a coat of beeswax.
This time the shimmer shows through.
This is what I had in mind.

Close-up of the dry brush shimmer

Last weekend we took the girls
up to my Dad's house with us.
They loved running around exploring everything.
We're still sorting through Dad's belongings.
Little by little.
Friends of one of the neighbors
stopped by to look at the house.
They loved it
they have to sell their house first.
Hopefully it will sell soon.
It's just not the same going there.
I'm so ready to let it go......
Thank you for visiting.
Have a great weekend!