Monday, May 11, 2009

Are you the sound or the echo?

"Are you the sound or the echo?"

I've been spending time in the quiet. Cutting way back on tv and music, just too distracting for my thoughts. Trying to pay attention and write in my journal. Sometimes I get so bored with my work, something needs to happen to shake it up a little. I've watched a number of art videos last week. Watching other artist's paint, collage and work through design problems has given me so much to think about. I've taken toonumeroustocount workshops and have learned a good many things.
One thing I know for sure is that I want to be the sound, not the echo.
When I get home from PT, I want to spend some time in my art journal, experimenting with some things I've been reacquainted with. And just to make myself accountable (apparently I need a bit a supervison) I'll post what I come up with. Anyone want to join me?


jgr said...

Hi Chris
What a beautiful piece !!! and love what you said about being the sound not the echo. - I feel the same way and yes, I do better with a little 'supervision' too. Okay, now I'm going to make something and post it. Don't forget to 'check on me' and keep me honest- LOL!

Apple said...

I really enjoy looking at your metalwork!! It's awesome!

michelle ward said...

Chris - thanks for pointing out your post to me. LOVE your thought of the sound/echo. Perfect way of saying M.I.Y.O.
May we all strive to be noisy :)