Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Decadent Diversion

I was thrilled to find that someone has written a biography about Mary Nohl. The first time I saw Mary Nohl's house (aka "The Witch) was in 1979.....I was 20. It was and still is an amazing site. There are sculptures all over her yard. A gate and fence with faces. Faces hanging in the trees and from the roof. I've always wanted to go inside the house, and now is my chance....inside the pages of this book. Mary Nohl is a fascinating woman. Pursued art all her life. Had to deal with vandals.....very sad. I have loved getting lost in the pages of her life. Her drawings, paintings and sculptures are incredibly playful. She really enjoyed creating, I think she lived for it.
The weekends visit with my Dad was good, we were able to take him out of the hospital for a few hours. He was thrilled to get home, see 1 of his cats...the other cat is so shy he didn't come out of hiding. Today I hear he is doing very well. Many hours in PT...he is walking well with a walker and will be able to go home on Friday. We're getting him set up with Lifeline, so if he falls he won't be on the floor for all those hours like last time. It's nice to see him laughing and joking with the hospital staff. Every just loves him and they are taking such super care of him. Thank you so much for praying, your prayers are making a difference. I am so grateful to you.


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for visiting me the other day, I have just started using 'moderated' comments and I am beginning to figure it out! LOL. Glad to see that your Dad is doing better. Our prayers continue.


starseasons said...

Thanks for sharing this book on Mary Nohl.I don't know who she is but will continue to find out.