Saturday, May 16, 2009

A passel of papers

The papers turned out pretty well so far, I think. I like the range of color that I got by using the paint straight from the bottle, then adding black, then white. Next step is to stamp, stencil--etc. to make them mine.
I had a minor setback here, apparently I didn't use the right medium or burnish the photocopy hard enough because as I was rubbing the paper off, the photocopy came off too.....dang it. So I just finished re-gluing the photocopies using matte gel, burnished it very well. Must wait for them to dry before carving......oy the waiting.......
I am now afraid to answer the phone when it rings. It seems it's either my mom or dad that's in trouble. My mom came home from the hospital yesterday, but got tangled in her oxygen tubing and took a tumble-thankfully she's okay. My dad fell, nothing is broken, but he is using a walker and is on pain meds. Paul and I are going up to visit him next weekend. Hopefully my knee will be up for a long car ride. This is so difficult, seeing them age, seeing them struggling with their various illnesses, seeing them taking life one day at a time.

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jgr said...

HI Chris,
Your papers are looking good! I wish you luck with the stamp transfers-as I mentioned, I was a failure at that LOL! Prayers for your Mom & Dad
. . . and for you as well. I know it's difficult.