Thursday, May 7, 2009

Calm before the storm

These are a few of the tiles that I took up to Charlene's Gallery Ten in Door County. I have been having a blast working with copper foil. You can create so much texture with a few tools and apply a patina to give it a wonderful aged look. Charlene let me know that 2 tiles had already been sold, before the gallery was open for the season. Hope that is a good sign.

A lovely Hans Christian Andersen quote


Emily Dickinson

I had to give myself a dope slap on this one. I looked at it and looked at it and finally realized I spelled loveliest wrong....ooops --I really had fun with the design on this one. Pairing Mae West's quote "Curve: the loveliest distance between two points" with a guitar. I've got some designs swirling about in my head for the solo show in July.

My aunt called this afternoon, my dad couldn't have his chemo treatment today because his appendix is enlarged. He has to have them removed ASAP. I can't even drive up to visit him with my knee on the mend. Today while my uncle was having a physical, the doctor found melanoma. It's always something. There are days I just want to fill the gas tank and run away.


jgr said...

Your copper pieces are amazing!! I love them so much--texture ooooohh!

I am sorry to hear about your Dad and Uncle thou, more prayers are on the way.


Ruth Armitage said...

Beautiful work Chris.... so hard to take the bitter with the sweet. I will keep your dad & uncle in my prayers.

Lorraine said...

I am sorry you are having so much illness in your family..may they all make a speedy recovery.
Love your metal art and your recent painted pages