Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's cookin'

A coupla years ago, I took a workshop that Anne Bagby was teaching at Valley Ridge Art Studio. It was a fast paced class, as Anne demonstrated how she carves stamps to use to create her patterned papers, then lead us through the process of painting, staining and glazing papers. Anne primarily uses deli paper as it is very thin and works well in collage. Carrie Burns Brown has a kick-ass collage video. She shares great ideas for creating collage papers. Not only do you have a total blast making these papers, but you also have a goodly stack at the ready for collage.
Both Anne and Carrie paint their own papers as store bought are likely to fade,this way you can make exactly what you like.
Here I'm using deli paper, art tissue, hanshi and lineco tissue. Some crinkle when painted, some stay fairly flat, depending on how much water you use to dilute your paint......if any.
I started with pthalo turquoise and water, painted a couple of papers-then added black gesso, painted papers-then added white gesso to the same mixture and painted a coupla more papers.
I really like working in a color family. Using phthalo turquoise straight from the bottle, diluting it with water, adding black, adding white.....the colors are beautiful and will work well together. I like the grayed down turquoise and how the white gesso perks it up.
Then on to Quin Gold...can't believe I still have some of that......
In the percolator, I have some ideas rolling around for stamps. I don't want to use the same types of designs for stamps that Anne does......keeping in mind "the sound or the echo". These papers need to be personal. So whilst they dry, I doodle in the sketchbook. I'm thinking about symbols and abstract shapes. This process is so enjoyable. I loved getting lost in painting papers. Looking forward to the next step........


joanne said...

i love your papers, and can't wait to see what you do with them!...

you reminded me to go to the "big box" in my closet where i keep all the papers i have painted on tissue paper and rice paper and various other thin papers (i'll have to try deli paper)... when i opened the box i saw stacks of papers i have made over the last two years, and then suddenly wondered what they are all doing in the box... every once in a while, i get the inspiration to make a whole stack of them, and then can't bring myself to actually use them... what on earth are they for if not to use them?? :)

jgr said...

HI Chris, I love these papers - I can't wait to see more. Where do you buy all the cool types of paper?


jgr said...

Thank you for the info, Chris. I'll go shopping right away!! lol. I'll be back to see the next cool thing you're up to.


jgr said...

Hi again,
Have you seen Michelle Ward's latest prompt?
You two are on the same page! Check it out if you can, I think you'll agree.