Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pear #14 and the girls

Take two (snap)
interference gold dry brushed on Niddegan
The pear was drawn with Sumi ink

Can you see the shimmer of the interference gold paint?

Have you tried Pan Pastels?
(by now you have figured out that I am
an art supplies slut enthusiast) 
They blend beautifully
the set came with a few spongey applicators.
Then a coat of beeswax.
This time the shimmer shows through.
This is what I had in mind.

Close-up of the dry brush shimmer

Last weekend we took the girls
up to my Dad's house with us.
They loved running around exploring everything.
We're still sorting through Dad's belongings.
Little by little.
Friends of one of the neighbors
stopped by to look at the house.
They loved it
they have to sell their house first.
Hopefully it will sell soon.
It's just not the same going there.
I'm so ready to let it go......
Thank you for visiting.
Have a great weekend!


jgr said...

Hi Chris,
I love your latest pear! oooh shimmer is one of my favorites. I've been wanting to try the pan pastels, too. Thank you for the inspiration. Good luck with the sale of your Dad's house. I know it isn't easy.

Peg said...

Love it! That turned out great!
Awwww cute little girls!