Sunday, April 25, 2010

pear #18 ....and part of the process?

Casein, pastel & beeswax on paper

I started by brushing casein onto paper.
It becomes waterproof in 24 hours.
I then drew the pear and painted with those
buttery Pan Pastels
final step--dip in beeswax.
A few years ago, my Dad gave me
his electric frying pan.
It's a nice size for dipping papers.


We'll soon be dropping art off at a couple of galleries
in Door County.
While I should be working
I'm really distracted.
Clutter is closing in.
That 6 foot work table
is down to 12 square inches of workspace.
Does that happen to you?
I start looking around the room
walking requires tippy toes into 
empty spaces--which there aren't many.
Time to stop and pick up.
I don't want to trip and conk my head on something.
Then I start sorting through things
which can wait
but I can't help myself.
I have oodles of 3-ring binders with 
notes, printouts, magazine articles, newspaper clippings
you get the picture.
Some of these things haven't seen 
the light of day since they were hole punched
long ago.
I start flipping through--tossing (recycling)
hours were spent pitching & tossing....
when I should be working.
I decided that it "part of my process".
How about that?
No beatings this time.
Now I have a clear head and room
to let things percolate.
Do you have a similar process?

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jgr said...

Hi Chris,
yes! it sounds like my studio time. I have a large work bench/table but once I put all the paint, water, brushes etc. I have little workspace. I spend alot of time re-organizing and straightening as you described. I'm glad it's not just me-LOL