Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pear #15

Can you guess what this is?

Watercolor on canvas board 5x7

Do you need a hint?
I think you got it.....
I can't believe how long it took to do this.
When I first got the idea,
I cracked myself up
thinking about the stainless steel cone-bra,
the helmet and horns,
the braids,
the Mimi blue eyeshadow.
This was a lot harder to do than I thought.
Which medium to use?
A while back, Carla Sonheim posted a technique
that I thought would work.
I really enjoy her paintings, 
so I thought I'd give it a try.
I had a blast....but I'm sooo ready to move on.


Am I glad tax season is over....whew!
Work gets a little (okay--a lot) crazy during this time.
Since I'm the receptionist
the phones are the tiniest bit busy.
When I get home from work---I'm wiped out.
I've been trying to work on some art 
when I get home,
just to unwind a bit.
You know what?
It works wonders.


I missed showing them to you
the daffodils
thick and lush
looking like a choir,
all facing the same way,
as though they are fixed on a Director.
on the way to the office
It's something I look forward to every Spring!
They are fading now,
it's a reminder
to stop and smell the roses.
What do you see everyday
that fills you full of wonder
if you would only stop
and soak it in?

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