Friday, April 30, 2010

Pear #19 and a bit of weird science

Plaster, burlap, photocopied image, charcoal, pastels, shellac, beeswax


This one was a bit more involved
I asked myself "what if" quite often.
I started out by pouring some plaster onto a piece of burlap.
Let it dry thoroughly.
Next I cracked the plaster.
Then several coats of beeswax were applied.
I tried a photocopy transfer
but it was too textured for it to work.  
Rubbed some charcoal powder over the pear
with my finger.
Went out side with shellac, and a torch.
The transfer and charcoal pretty much disappeared.
Then I used a razor blade to scrape off
the toner and charcoal.
Cut out a photocopy of my drawing of a pear.
Used more beeswax to adhere it to the surface.
Used more pastels
and called it done.
The razor blade chattered and created a wonderful texture.
I love how this turned out.

I really like the cracks
the texture of the razor blade
and how the shellac burnt away.
The whole process was a pleasure.


Now for a little bit of weird science....
As I was googling something,
something else got my attention.
Someone made "stains" 
from steel wool and copper.
So in one jar I've got a steel wool pad
soaking in vinegar for a rust stain.
In the other jar bits of copper
even some pennies---though I don't know if they are copper.
The copper will produce a turquoise stain.
There is an odd sort of film in the steel wool jar,
must be from oil (?)
I understand it will take at least 10 days 
for something to happen.
I'll let you know when something does.

Thanks for visiting, have a nice weekend!

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