Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pear #16

Acrylic on wood 6x6

I strayed from the 5x7 canvases.
Sometimes you just need a little change.
Acrylic gel medium
slathered onto a hand cut stencil of a pear
and also through punchinello.
Painted with acrylics as well.
I like working on wood.
I think I bought a bundle of scrap
from Home Depot....cheap-cheap-cheap.
Perfect for these little paintings.


I had a good visit with my friend and PT, Jill.
She's one of those very logical people that you can't get enough of.
I wish I were that way.
I'm far too impulsive.
I'm in hip deep before I even give something a second thought.
I also have a tiny problem with perfectionism.
Are you that way too?
I beat myself up lot
call myself terrible names.
I wouldn't want to be a friend
to someone who treats me the way I do.
Journaling....I've neglected journaling for a few weeks now.
I can think clearer when I write things down
and hash them out on paper.
Tonite seems like a good night for a cup of tea
and my journal.
Thank you for visiting.....

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jgr said...

I love this one!