Friday, January 16, 2009

Art Journal Day 16--Red!

I love red, it's vibrancy, it's powerfulness, it certainly gets your attention.
Continuing my quest to live life more intentionally and fearlessly, I'm sharing one of my favorite quotes. "It's not trespassing to cross your own boundaries" ~author unknown

Slowly, I'm working my way through this book, the exercises are challenging my thinking. In chapter 8 we were arked to define freedom and discipline. After writing down first thoughts like...discipline~~doing things you don't want to do as you grind your teeth while someone is whipping your back, freedom~~ Doing what you want when you want. Hmmmm, there's got to be more to it than that, doncha think? After spending a good bit of time pondering this, I came up with: Discipline: I think it's getting past the emotion of "I feel like it", or "I don't feel like it". I believe it to be a set of ideals--intentions--carried out. For instance, I know that for many reasons exercise is good for me to do. More often than not, "I don't feel like it" rules the intention. I think discipline moves beyond that to being as part of your day, say, like brushing your teeth....routine, something done without thinking about it...a habit. OR, you do it because it needs to be done whether you really want to do it or not, say, going to work everyday.
I believe there to be consequences for not being disciplined. Chaos, losing your job, not being in out of shape, etc.
Freedom: I think freedom is not living in chaos, freedom is being who you want to be, setting routines. I have learned a lot about setting routines from Marla Cilley.
Actually, I think freedom and discipline are at each end of a see saw.....balance.
What are your thoughts on freedom and discipline?

The background was created by wetting a page in my journal (140# cold pressed watercolor paper). 3 shades of red watercolor were brushed on mamby-pamby and spattered on. I sprinkled some course salt over the wet paint and let it dry overnite. This morning I drew around the bleed backs with a technical pen and wrote the quote with a gel pen, very quick and sketchy. (I spent about 30 mins on drawing the lines and lettering) I have to keep reminding myself, it's not about perfect and pretty, it's about getting out emotion. It's about sharing myself with you.

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