Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day.....A New Beginning.....

Today we're celebrating the Meissner Christmas. Paul's brother and sister and their families are in town. The whole family gets together twice a year. This year, however, will be different as Paul's mother passed away in Feb. It's been a pretty tough year.
I'm up even before the ferrets this morning, got my good strong coffee in hand. Every year I make sticky buns as part of our brunch. So, while the dough rises, I get to post.
"A New Beginning" is the first chapter in "Change Your Life in 30 Days". Fitting for this day.
Maybe you would like to live your life with intention. Maybe you've got fears that keep you feeling stuck. I invite you to join me, together we can encourage each other and move forward.
Misty Mawn has sent out an invitation to work in our art journals everyday in January with her. I plan on working out thoughts and emotions that come up as I go Rhonda Britten's book in my journal, and post them here.
Something to think about today:
If you were true to yourself you could.....
Define success:
What would you need to do to have a successful life?
What would you have to let go of?


misty said...

this is very powerful!
your words make me think of this saying i read just last night....

Like a tree I stand, reaching for the light, gaining strength from the darkness at my roots, my body is twisted by the storms of life, yet in my uniqueness I am beautiful!

Gwen said...

This is powerful, and I think that one of our biggest fears is that we might actually be successful (whatever that means for each of us) if we let go of our FEAR!

So here's to a fearless New Year!